The Tao of Business

Below you find The Tao of Business / Das Tao im Management related articles, interviews, reviews:

Interview with Nicholas MacDonald from iTV-Asia on The Tao of Business (

Leadership and Organizational Patterns in the Daodejing”, the Journal of Management Development, Vol. 30, issue: 7/8, pp.675 – 684.
( interview: “5 Fragen an Ansgar Gerstner, den Autor von ‘Tao im Management’”

Review by Arezoo Ferraris in Shanghai’s Talk magazine, December 30, 2009 (

Interview with JFK Miller for, December 13, 2009 (
PDF: 100108 Urbanatomy interview

Book review by the GC Ticker, 2009/2010 December – January, p. 75(

Dr. Mike Thompson’s China Blog, December 6, 2009:
“The Tao”

Shanghai Daily, November 21, 2009:
“Recognizing the right time for ‘do-nothing’ strategy”
By Anton Graham
PDF: 091121 Shanghai Daily Review

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