Sustainable management and leadership – body mind synergy coaching in Hamburg, Germany

Every endeavor in the field of sustainability starts with oneself. Since “a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step,” the unfolding and fostering of a sustainable physical and mental foundation in oneself is an absolute prerequisite of a truly meaningful sustainability journey. This is why and how I work with Chinese movement traditions.

For more details about my body mind synergy coaching and Chinese martial arts / Qigong trainings — not only in Hamburg, Germany — take a look at my tao moves website:

“Leadership and Organizational Patterns in the Daodejing”:

My latest article on the relevance of Daoist/Taoist concepts and strategies for management has just been published by the Journal of Management Development. The title is “Leadership and Organizational Patterns in the Daodejing”.

Journal of Management Development, Vol. 30 Issues: 7/8, pp.675 – 684

Fred Kofman’s book, Conscious Business:

Fred Kofman’s Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values is a great book.

I wholeheartedly recommend reading it – no matter your background. It beautifully links Western scientific research with philosophy and spirituality. What I especially like about Conscious Business is its giving various possible versions of the discussions it reviews – between “players” and “victims”, “learners” and “controllers” and so on. Fred Kofman very clearly shows how differently discussions can develop and how vastly different the results can be, depending on the modes of acting and reacting. The multitude of examples he gives in all their variations are incredibly informative and enlightening.

Fred Kofman. Conscious Business: How to Build Value through Values. Boulder, CO: Sounds True, 2006.

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