“The Healing Roots of Wing Chun” in Hamburg, Germany

My first public Wing Chun class in Hamburg, Germany focusing on the healing roots of Wing Chun takes place Thursday evenings at Medosophos, Rutschbahn 11 a. The class will be about body mind synergies and the philosophical, spiritual and medical aspects of Chinese Buddhist and Taoist traditions at work in Wing Chun. For more details have a look at my website: www.tao-moves.com

Making work meaningless:

“How Leaders Kill Meaning at Work”

McKinsey Quarterly, January 2012, by Teresa Amabile and Steven Kramer

The above is an important read for senior executives that goes well together with the emphasis on “personal development” as an outstanding reason in getting an MBA in the following post by MBAChannel, “New Survey Challenges Some Accepted Truths” (http://www.mba-channel.com/channel/article/new-survey-challenges-some-accepted-truths):

“Professor Emmanuel Dion, of Audencia Business School explains: ‘The MBA is about creating leaders. Professional experience plus personality is what forms you as a leader and enables you to deliver results for your company.’ ”
(Quote from the MBAChannel post)

Learning, personal development and leadership:

Just read an article about research on learning and leadership I want to share:

“Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership”

By Lillas M. Brown and Barry Z. Poser in Classic Readings in Organizational Behavior [Third Edition]. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2006, pp. 505-514. 

The whole article very much resonates with what I write in The Tao of Business. A passage on p. 507  of the article for instance emphasizes the importance of leaders who are themselves actively and successfully on a path of personal growth and self-transformation for a learning organization. Such leaders are best equipped to set up a framework that inspires employees to actively engage in personal as well as organizational development and learning.

The article can also be accessed via the following website:

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