“Change leader, change thyself”

“Change leader, change thyself”

By Nate Boaz and Erica Ariel Fox, McKinsey Quarterly, March 2014

Monkeys and Bananas:

Excellent YouTube clip: Monkeys and Bananas or ‘That’s just the Way It Is’

My take on this clip is that it is a perfect description of the framework that leaders with low EQs create for innovation, engagement and performance in any organization.


Learning, personal development and leadership:

Just read an article about research on learning and leadership I want to share:

“Exploring the Relationship between Learning and Leadership”

By Lillas M. Brown and Barry Z. Poser in Classic Readings in Organizational Behavior [Third Edition]. Beijing: Peking University Press, 2006, pp. 505-514. 

The whole article very much resonates with what I write in The Tao of Business. A passage on p. 507  of the article for instance emphasizes the importance of leaders who are themselves actively and successfully on a path of personal growth and self-transformation for a learning organization. Such leaders are best equipped to set up a framework that inspires employees to actively engage in personal as well as organizational development and learning.

The article can also be accessed via the following website:

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