Ansgar Gerstner

Individual/group training, seminars, talks & Coaching

My early fascination for Chinese martial arts originally led to me studying Chinese at Trier University, Germany. Then I went to Taiwan to become fluent in Mandarin and explore the martial arts, Taoist philosophy, strategic thought, the healing arts and the profound links between all of them.

What has been fascinating me from the beginning of my engaging with Taoist thought, is its complex linking of healing effects for body, mind and soul in combination with having a constructive impact on society and the world.

My goal therefore is to present Chinese internal movement traditions to people with a deep longing for the kind of holistic body work that supports people to develop mentally, emotionally and physically at the same time as it is meaningful on a societal level.

While exploring and utilizing the coaching potential within Chinese martial arts ( I had my initial encounters with issues of management and leadership. Since the mid-nineties I have therefore increasingly focused my attention on the inspiration Chinese philosophy, in particular Taoist philosophy, and the Chinese movement traditions can offer with regard to leadership and management issues today.

When you look at organizational and leadership development, executive and corporate health, corporate culture, but also intercultural and localization issues particularly within a Chinese context, it makes a whole lot of sense to build bridges between the profound knowledge within Chinese tradition and pioneering ideas from the West. In my article in the Journal of Management Development I give a condensed introduction to this topic.

Providing feedback, leveraging ancient knowledge in new contexts, smoothly moving in between different languages and cultures are the instruments I work with. In my direct work with people I have in recent years increasingly focused again on the feedback you can get from your own body through Chinese martial arts and Ch’i-kung exercises for your private as well as professional life.

I received an MA and a doctorate in Chinese Studies from Trier University, Germany; my doctoral dissertation examined the Tao Te Ching. My The Tao of Business was published in Hong Kong in 2009, its German version, Das Tao im Management, in Germany in 2010.

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