Leadership, personal development and sustainability

Nowadays, with the influence of emotional intelligence within a leadership and management context being explored so widely and explained so well, it makes it much easier to introduce the “body” into serious discussions on CSR and sustainability. The way you treat your own body, the way you move and the way you use your body as a sensory organ does not only shed light on a person’s behavior patterns in general. It also reveals a person’s emotional maturity.

What do you feed and nourish your body with? How much junk food, junk drinks and junk mental and emotional contents (for instance via print media, TV, digital contents, etc.) do you pile on your body on a daily basis? The mental content a person consumes regularly has a very clear physiological impact that then again results in specific emotional and mental patterns. The degree of alertness a person shows in this regard will be reflected in the alertness in his or her communication and interactions with others.

What is the content you confront your employees with on a daily basis with regards to the mental and emotional aspects, for instance moods or the way you sense and deal with expectations? Do I treat my body; do I treat myself in a sustainable way? How far does a company actually push its CSR and sustainability endeavors?

Author: Ansgar

Interactive body mind coaching - with a focus on sustainable management, Taoist leadership and management strategies

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