About the question of what “green” really means:

When Matthew Wheeland writes in his

GreenBiz post “Apple’s new iPad is Deep Green, but a Planet-Saver? Nope.”

“In a nutshell, the iPad is a nifty little gadget, I’m sure it will do wonders for how people engage with technology, and hopefully will give a boost to the flagging newspaper- and book-publishing industries, but it is still another resource-intensive gadget that will be an add-on rather than a replacement.”

he is making a very valid general point about the approach to resources and the definition of being green. The least you can say is that there are plenty of shades of green and slightly green is definitely better than nothing. But there is a huge difference between basically having your marketing department reacting to socio-political trends on the one hand and genuine awareness for resources, the environment and the issue of sustainability on the other hand – and acting accordingly.

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Author: Ansgar

Interactive body mind coaching - with a focus on sustainable management, Taoist leadership and management strategies

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