post: “Overwork benefits nobody.”

This Forbes article by Shaun Rein also hits the nerve:

“Enforce The No BlackBerry Rule!”

Read this quote from the article:
“At China Market Research Group, we have analyzed the working schedules of hundreds of executives and found that working harder and longer does not make them more productive. In fact, once a person passes a certain number of hours worked in a day, he or she actually becomes less productive. The mind dulls. The eyes gloss over. Focus strays.
You can only work so hard and do so much in a day. Everyone needs to rest and recharge. Unfortunately, too many corporate cultures encourage overwork. Managers drill it into their underlings, prodding them with dreams of cash and promotions. Many senior leaders at organizations work amazingly hard, but our research suggests that the most successful ones who last longer at the top also make considerable time to relax. ”

By Shaun Rein, September 29, 2009

Author: Ansgar

Interactive body mind coaching - with a focus on sustainable management, Taoist leadership and management strategies

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